About us

 FoodItaly Ltd based in London, we deal with the internationalization of Italian excellence in France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Ukraine and North Africa.

Small businesses with the first export experience and more structured companies that want to export their products, thus opening the doors to rich and constantly evolving markets.

our goal is to offer the most effective, fast and convenient service, promoting the made in Italy of small and medium enterprises directly in large and rich markets.


The "Project Food Italy"  was born from the will to help small and medium-sized Italian companies export their products in the world, which until now is reserved for the most important and structured companies. Distant countries that become close, just like when the continents we know today they were united to one another to form a single and great super-continent.

Our mission is to bridge distances, break down barriers, and bring your sales directly to markets that are far away today, full of new possibilities, as if they were next to you.


Our team of business experts is always looking for new business possibilities, ready to seize the opportunities from the new trends and needs of the different interlocutors.

In fact our service is totally customizable (to leave to the customers, in full transparency and freedom) all the technical and strategic evaluations.

Our administrative staff provides a complete export documentation service, with information on the products of interest and documents required for customs clearance.

Our premises and warehousing is equipped, and our specialized staff, in carrying out movements in total autonomy with the help of electric pallet trucks and forklifts.

We load the containers of our customers to perfection, which will always be updated on the status of their goods through photos and videos by our staff.

We also take care to check the state of arrival of the goods, providing timely communication to the customer of any non-conforming or damaged material.

If you are interested in ad hoc advice, do not hesitate to contact us!

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